M2 Systems specializes in developing, marketing and implementing transaction technologies for both established and emerging markets as well as creating outlets for licensing and operating its solution sets. We have developed a firm foundation in several vertical markets, including healthcare and financial payments, with significant financial and operational impact to the overall organization. With a 30-year track record of architecting, developing and implementing highly scalable transaction processing software, managing hundreds of millions of transactions yearly, M2 is widely recognized as the gold standard in performance engineering and delivery systems.

Under the banner of M2, we have a worldwide footprint through a series of recognizable brands, including M2, ENGIN©, healthENGIN©, and IntegraShield™. These brands define the next generation of e-commerce platforms, specifically Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), card management, fully integrated healthcare payer exchange, money remittance, mobile payments, transaction security and innovative consumer and business access solutions for the changing world of healthcare, financial services and many other industries.

Our dedicated team of professionals has devoted themselves to the task of taking a superior product and managing the customers through a set of expectations with a 100% deliverable on time and within budget. That combination of strength in our products, people and customer satisfaction should be the only choice you make when choosing an integration partner.

M2 Systems is extremely confident in the capabilities, features and reliabilities of our products and know you will be very satisfied with our solutions and services. Our customers are our greatest asset and have been for since 1986. Come partner with us and enjoy the benefits of seamless integration.