M2 Systems got our start in 1986 in the financial services industry. One of the nation’s largest financial institutions selected M2 to deliver a customized point-of-sale (POS) solution for public assistance to the poor and needy. The advent of Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT, now called SNAP) began and traditional paper-based solutions moved to debit card technology. Working closely with our client, M2 helped design, develop and deploy this treasury program across the U.S. Since 1986, M2 remains the core vendor for this multi-state implementation. That was only the start, as M2 has grown our financial services client portfolio to include some of the world’s leading payment processors.

Here are the areas of expertise M2 can bring to the table in support of your financial enterprise:

Payment Systems

M2 Systems’ ENGIN technology drives some of the world’s most demanding payment processors. Acquirers and Issuers alike rely on M2 to deliver industry, technology and operations expertise to their global enterprises.

A sample of M2’s clients in the finance industry include:

  • 2nd largest private-label card servicer
  • 3rd largest IT provider of financial services
  • 2nd largest bank by assets
  • 3rd largest payment processor in the US

Real-time transaction management is the hallmark of M2, and our solutions are proven by these leaders in the industry. With ENGIN’s robust routing and transformation services, your company will be ready for the next-generation of payment technologies.

Integration Solutions

In today’s technology-driven world, companies look to M2 as a pioneer in integration solutions. Data resides throughout your enterprise, internally and externally. Efficiency is paramount and meeting customer needs is essential. M2 ENGIN supports unlimited interfaces with our flexible work-flow and data management service capability. With dozens of industry-standard interface protocols and an extensive library of popular data formats, M2 solutions provide the industry with the most complete set of capabilities. ENGIN can also extend the usefulness of legacy systems by providing a seamless interface to core processing systems and applications, often without any application development. ENGIN is designed for fast, efficient, real-time transaction processing to meet and exceed our customer’s Service Level Agreements. Alternate routing and message or transaction enrichment are only a few of the features provided with ENGIN.

Card Services

ENGIN provides support for Issuing and Acquiring entities with the payment networks, including MasterCard© and Visa©. Multi-currency capabilities and card rules are easily configured allowing ENGIN to provide truly global transaction services. Merchant management is made easier using ENGIN’s data enrichment capabilities. Stand-in processing and store and forward capabilities are provided within ENGIN.

Electronic Commerce

M2 solutions can position your financial enterprise for expansion and growth with support for new channels. Mobile payments, Internet of Things (IoT) and electronic commerce are at your fingertips when you select ENGIN. Coupled with M2’s IntegraShield™ security solutions, transactions and messages are authenticated and encrypted thus offering complete transaction integrity and uncompromised data. XML, SOAP, JSON, are just some of the web services you can provision using ENGIN.