M2 Systems Corporation provides exceptional computer automated solutions for practical business problems utilizing a proven technology. As specialists in integration services, we must provide industry-focused consulting to the customer, create an environment in which the customer’s needs can be defined and develop a solution to meet those needs. With this in mind, all of M2 Systems products are designed to enhance the customer’s organization and business by efficiencies in integration.

As part of our integration service solutions, M2 Systems software products are specifically engineered to accept transactions from any source, and to edit, reformat and route the transactions to and from any destination(s). This transaction versatility addresses the need to remain in compliance with outside systems, organizations, networks, etc., while providing a simple solution for this need.

To meet our corporate vision and provide total solutions to our customers, M2 Systems provides a highly trained staff of professionals. Our employees possess exceptional technical and industry knowledge as well as strong leadership skills to assist our customers, in whatever way possible, with a solution to each customer’s unique challenges.

In addition, we provide a multitude of specialized services and customer service options to assist the customer 24 hours a day. Our talented technical support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist our customers with technical and application difficulties.

M2 Systems culture promotes continuous interaction amongst our team. M2 realizes the many touch-points for our clients, and management encourages open dialogue with our staff and clients. The constant sharing of ideas and honesty with our clients and partners has resulted in some of the industries longest relationships. The relaxed nature of our company allows creativity and productivity across all disciplines. The M2 team approach empowers administrators, engineers, product specialists, support personnel and management to “do what’s right” for our customers. Many of the M2 employees are engaged with our clients as “virtual staff” members and routinely participate in client internal meetings. This gives M2 an integral view of their business. Our success is dependent upon our client’s success and is measured by tangible improvements in their operations.

As with any great company, culture is not something that can be imposed or demanded, it grows over time with loyal, dedicated and passionate employees. More than 75% of M2 employees have been with our company since 2000. The long-term success of the M2 brand is grounded in exceptional customer service and has never needed to be propped-up by marketing gimmicks or flashy graphics.

At M2 we believe that big doesn’t always mean better. Our solutions are designed to allow ease, efficiency and speed in their processing capabilities as well as our time-to-market. Flexibility and adaptability are hallmarks of M2 Systems from our humble beginnings in 1986. Today, M2 remains committed to these tenets and demonstrates these philosophies every day, through every interaction and every transaction. At M2 Systems, we understand “big”. Just ask our customers, who represent Fortune 500 companies and well-known name brands from around the world. M2 solutions make big, better. The bigger your needs, the more you need M2.