What is Enterprise Architecture?

Every company practices Enterprise Architecture (EA), and success and value depends on whether or not the resulting Architecture is visible and understood. If your EA is well communicated and visible, it can be used to guide decisions, designs and investments, resulting in significant value. Without an effective architecture program, your architecture lacks visibility and you are relying on individual “heros” to make decisions without the support they need.

At M2 Systems, we have an EA Operating Model to:

  • Sift through all the complexity and help you build a program that is right for your organization
  • Create a building block approach. You can implement a block at a time or many blocks all at once


Objectives & Methodology of Enterprise Architecture Assessment


We help mitigate the complexity so you get fast business results. We focus on all aspects of EA.

  • Assess the capabilities of a company’s Enterprise Architecture activities to determine capability/maturity level
  • Deliver practical and actionable recommendations on where your opportunities exist
  • Help you to clarify the goals and value of a more formal Enterprise Architecture program
  • Our experienced Enterprise Architecture team will come on site to meet with key individuals to gather information
  • The process will be achieved through a series of interviews in addition to the review of a variety of EA Artifacts
  • The assessment will cover the 4 EA domains plus governance capabilities
  • 60 different capabilities will be reviewed and scored against 3 levels of maturity
  • A report will be produced that summarizes your current capabilities along with areas of immediate need
  • Specific and actionable recommendations will be developed
What are the Deliverables of M2’s EA Assessment?
  • Documentation of the current state of each domain/capability scored against maturity levels
  • Specific recommendations of focus areas tailored to your Business and IT strategies (prioritized and recommended capability changes)
  • Benefits associated with changes (why move forward?)
  • Road Map (projects & initiatives to drive changes)

Architect In Residence Service is a program the helps you realize the benefits of EA in a practical and cost effective way. You can have access to a variety of skills and resources for a fraction of what it might cost to hire these resources. M2 provides a quick-start program that can meet your needs indefinitely or help you build your own team and capabilities. Here are some of the skills available as part of our In Residence service:

  • Enterprise Architecture and Program Governance
  • Business Architecture and Business Modeling
  • Information Architecture and Business Analytics
  • Master Data Management
  • Infrastructure/Platform Architecture
  • Application & Integration Architecture
  • Workshop Planning and Facilitation
  • Team Management
  • Process Modeling

In summary, here are the Consulting Services available from M2 Systems:

Architecture Services

• Effective Enterprise Architecture Programs
• Build or revise your existing program
• Our practical approach is proven to deliver results
• Mentoring and development of your Architects

Integration Architecture

• An Integration Architecture Framework that guides your road map
• Proven patterns and quick start assets
• Mentoring and development of your integration team

API Management

• An API Management Framework to drive your Integration
• Development of a Business Road Map to use API’s to deliver on Business Goals
• Technical expertise in building and delivering API’s in today’s Fast Paced Environment

IT Strategy and Planning

• Development of effective IT Strategies to meet Business Demand
• Re-structuring of IT to be a more effective organization
• Leveraging the Framework of your choice to drive the process (COBIT, ITIL, etc.)

Business Services

• Execution Planning and Program Management
• Align your project investments to your strategy
• Create a feasible plan that is actionable
• Ensure your execution team is setup for success

Relationship Management

• Move beyond IT alignment and ensure that IT is integrated into the rest of the business
• Use Business Architecture and facilitated workshops to establish and nurture relationships

Business Process Management

• Create and maintain a process framework to drive alignment and business focus
• Define and improve the efficiency of your organization
• Use the methodology of choice (BPM, LSS, Agile Playbook, SAP Blueprinting, etc)

Requirements Engineering

• Our requirements factory will supercharge your requirements team
• We can help you build a requirements competency that will accelerate your project delivery
• Our requirements methods are tightly integrated to smart designs and proven patterns

Business Capability Planning

• Create a capability model for your business
• Use Business capabilities to drive all aspects of planning and architecture
• Create traceability across the model for consistency and better understanding