Make workflow a breeze with IntegraAIR.

IntegraAIR (Advanced Integration Resource) appliance normalizes all network data traffic for a given enterprise and delivers just-in-time transactional data based on a definable workflow pattern. IntegraAIR is designed to enable more performance with less infrastructure requirements and delivers high-volume transactional efficiencies.

With the announcement of IntegraAIR, M2 Systems now has a solution for the Internet of Things (IoT). Smart hubs, smart devices, and any “unstructured” data can be easily and cost-effectively managed and integrated into your enterprise allowing expansion of acquisition and distribution channels. When you think “non-traditional” endpoints and devices, you need IntegraAIR.

Applications of IntegraAIR include faster development of high-volume centric applications, such as:

• Smart City

• Big Data Scaling

• Social Media

• Financial

• Healthcare

• Trading

• Legacy

• Data Aggregation*

• Ingestion*

• Retail & Distribution

(*Integration and Processing Services Quadrant of the Big Data Solution Framework)


IntegraAIR appliance is built specifically as an intelligent gateway for accelerating all web-based applications using a seamless transactional fabric.

With IntegraAIR you can quickly and cost-effectively integrate and aggregate multiple data sources such as video, audio, and text; diagnostic images, medical records, and claims; streaming data and devices; social media sources; and virtually any transactional data or legacy databases.

IntegraAIR is the ideal platform to integrate disparate applications and provides a common foundation for adding new solutions and services. From web services to internal back-end legacy systems, IntegraAIR provides you seamless and efficient access to the data and services you need.

Today’s leading businesses have common requirements:
Reliability, Agility, Performance.InfiniBandSymbol

Reliability. Our promise to you.

IntegraAIR provides no single point-of-failure as the appliances are completely fault-tolerant by way of the InfiniBand® interconnect switched fabric topology. This technology delivers distributed integration for unmatched scalability and availability.

Amazingly agile, incredibly simple.

Through the use of parallel distributed information gathering, IntegraAIR accelerates multiple workflows from a single workflow request. Deliver faster user response times and avoid serialized commands and queries that slow final responses. Content rich dashboard pages can be quickly and easily populated from multiple information silos.

Performance. Making technology and business work together.

Achieve improved scalability of web applications with IntegraAIR by allowing a single thread per user page request in the web application tier. This results in lower latency and efficient resource utilization as compared to threaded approaches.


How do you package valuable internal data and services for internal, partner, and external development community application creation?

With IntegraAIR from M2 Systems you get:

• Out-of-the-box integration to any legacy back-end application or data source

• Optimized and managed traffic to meet Service Level Agreements (SLA)

• Rapid mobile enablement for all corporate applications

• The return of fault-tolerant computing without the price tag

• Parallel/distributed information gathering

• Accelerate multiple workflows from a single workflow request

• Distributed integration for scalability and availability

• Faster user response time

• Avoids serialized commands and queries that slow final response

• Rich dashboard pages can be quickly populated from multiple information silos

• Improved scalability of web applications

• Allows single thread per user page request in web application tier

• Lower latency and better resource utilization

• Much less experience level of the web developer

• Development results are quicker and easier to manage

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